Service Terms & Conditions

Lawn Mowing Terms of Service

Types of Lawn Mowing Services Offered

Manicured Weekly: Manicured mowing, trimming, blower cleanup each visit, mulching of leaves during the fall visits, mowing process to winterize the lawn in the fall, bi-weekly edging of concrete front walks and driveway. Almost no grass clippings are present on turf area at job completion..

(Legacy) Economy Weekly: Single mowing pass of the lawn mower, trimming, blower cleanup each visit, mulching of leaves during the fall visits, mowing process to winterize the lawn in the fall. Grass clippings will be visible after completion of service.

(Legacy) Economy Bi-Weekly: Single pass mowing, trimming, blower cleanup each visit, mulching of leaves during the fall visits, mowing process to winterize the lawn in the fall. Grass clippings will be visible after completion of service.

Lawn Mowing Service Description

Mowing Season Dates

    • MJR’s mowing season runs for 27 weeks beginning near the end of April and continuing to near the end of October.
    • Lawns will be mowed through the week listed on contract or quote.

Grass Height

    • Lawns will be mowed to a height of approximately 3.0-3.5″.
    • Seasonal variations will occur depending on weather conditions.

Dates of Service

    • The day on which Client’s property is serviced each week is approximate, not guaranteed, and subject to change without notice.

Time of Service

    • The time of day in which the property is serviced may vary, cannot be guaranteed, and is subject to change without notice.

Obstructions / Access

  • Unless stated otherwise, prices quoted assume no stairs or steps, and clear, unobstructed, access at least 6 feet wide to backyards or other fenced/gated in areas.

Landscape / Property Changes

  • Changes to the landscape or property that affect the amount of time it takes to service the property may require additional funds to continue service. (Example – Addition of a fence.)

Pet Waste

  • Please clean up after pets prior to service.
  • Pet waste is not picked up by MJR crew prior to mowing.
  • Excessive pet waste may lead to extra charges, service delays, or cancellation of service.

Property “Ready for Service”

  • Please remove all furniture, children’s toys, and pet toys from the lawn area prior to each service.
  • Delays due to removal / movement of obstructions may incur additional cost.
  • Client agrees that MJR is not responsible for damage to items left on the lawn.

A one-time ‘make ready’ charge may apply to lawns, walks, or drives that have not been maintained regularly.

  • A quote will be provided, and approval will be required before any work can begin on ‘make ready’ projects.

Additional Services

  • Additional services outside the scope of what is quoted above is available at current standard labor rate.
  • Additional mowing is available for $105 per man/hour plus travel with a 2-hour minimum. o Services are available outside of contracted / quoted dates for additional charge.

Lawn Mowing Service Terms and Conditions


  • Recurring services will be automatically renewed on an annual basis unless written notice is received prior to renewal effective date.

Lawns will be mowed using common industry standards.

Reasonable wear and tear to the lawn and property is to be expected over time; Client agrees that MJR is not liable for general wear and tear.


  • MJR is not responsible for damage to flush mounted or buried obstacles, cables, wires, pipes, toys, pet leashes, improperly installed or malfunctioning sprinklers, hoses, or siding and windows installed within 12″ of the ground.

Client agrees to allow MJR to use exterior water faucets and hold MJR harmless for any damage that may result.

It is Client’s responsibility to ensure that the property is ready for service.

  • If upon arrival the property is unable to be serviced due to construction, drought, access to areas of the property being blocked, or other delays, Client agrees to allow MJR to skip service of the property.
  • Full payment is still required for the skipped service.

Drought/Late Season Policy

  • For periods of drought or slow/no grass growth, full payment is still required for that entire month.
  • MJR still services the property, just in a different capacity as the situation may warrant.
  • For example, MJR may still edge, blow off the hardscapes, and mow any areas that need it.

Excess Water

  • For periods where excess water is present on the property, MJR may or may not be able to service certain areas.
  • If this is the case, MJR may skip areas the operator feels may be damaged by service equipment or foot traffic.

Pesticide / Fertilization

  • Client agrees to receive notifications electronically for all pesticide / fertilization services.

Lawn Mowing Service Payment Terms

Billing for recurring seasonal services is structured as the season total divided by 7 months – April through October.

Payments can be made in the following ways:

  • Prepayment – In full – before service begins
    • Seasonal Pre-payments are non-refundable.
  • Monthly on the 1st of each month of the season (April – October) using a credit card on file.

Payment Methods

  • If paying in FULL – Check or Credit Card (3% fee) are accepted. o If paying MONTHLY – Credit Card is the only accepted method
    • Credit Card is saved on file to run each month on the 1st of the month.
    • A $5 or 3% convenience fee (whichever is greater) may be added to all monthly credit card payments.

Payments are due on the 1st of each month for the current month’s service.

  • Example – Payment due May 1 for May’s mowing service

Late Payments

  • Service may be suspended on accounts where payment has not been received by the 10th of the month.
  • Payments not received by the 1st of each month may incur a $10 late fee.
  • An additional 2% per month finance charge may be added to late payments aged 10+ days.
  • $50 fee for returned checks or rejected ACH/bank withdrawals
  • Client agrees to pay for all late fees, collection costs, and if necessary, attorney fees and court costs due to non-payment.


  • Service cancelations must be in writing.
  • Client agrees to pay the remaining prorated balance due.

All discounts or promotions are forfeited for any late payment.

A nominal fuel surcharge may be imposed if gasoline/diesel prices exceed $4.00/gallon.

Snow Plowing Terms of Service

Under normal conditions, snow plowing can be completed by 7:00am as long as there is the contracted depth of accumulation by 11:00 pm.

– Services are performed during the hours of 11:00pm – 7:00am.

– Accumulation occurring after 11:00pm may be cleared by 7:00am.

– Generally, no plowing is completed between 2pm and 11pm during continuous snow events so our staff can obtain appropriate rest. MJR reserves

the right to adjust these non-service hour times at our discretion.

– MJR will service once during a 24-hour period, with the possible exception of extreme conditions. Snow plowing will be handled either day or night,

at our sole discretion. For 1” snow depth triggers, MJR may service multiple times during a 24-hour period.

– It is recommended that parking areas be free of vehicles during time of service. Vehicles parked in the service area will affect MJR’s ability to

thoroughly plow, and place snow in appropriate or agreed upon areas.

– Requests for unscheduled or extra snow plowing requests can be performed at an additional cost of $125 per hour (including travel time) for a

plow truck.

– Loader services are available for $185 per hour, including travel time, with a 4-hour minimum project.

– For safety reasons, for residential driveways located in high-traffic areas, MJR reserves the right to service only from 11:00pm – 7:00am.

– MJR will plow as close to garage doors, sides of the driveway and other obstacles as the MJR operator deems safe.

– During times of heavy snow, it will take us longer to complete our work. Delays are to be expected during times of heavy snow

– Drive entrances will be checked the night following snow events and will count as a service.

– The bulk of snow will be cleared from contracted surfaces; however, this does not guarantee a slip-free surface.

– Client agrees not to remove marker stakes if they are placed on the property. If marker stakes are removed, Client agrees that MJR is not responsible

for damage to those areas.

– Shoveling will be completed within 24 hours of a snow event under normal conditions.

– All damage must be reported within 48 hours of MJR servicing the property.

– Services can be cancelled by MJR Landscape for any reason with a 15-day written notice.

– MJR reserves the right to hire a licensed third party to service your property.

Snow Plowing Services

Service levels vary largely based on the level of attention and anticipation required for Client facility.

Level 1 – “Zero Tolerance – Slippery Conditions Possible

– Our highest level of service.

– This service requires long-term planning months in advance.

– A crew is dedicated to you and a smaller number of other facilities for the duration of the snow event.

– Services include anti-icing service using a liquid or granular pre-treat.

– Deicing is performed as appropriate through a storm, assuming it is not snowing hard enough to be ineffective.

– The goal is to have bare and wet pavement as soon as possible during (if possible,) and after a snow event.

– 70-120 salt services should be expected during a normal winter

Level 2 – “High Touch – Slippery Conditions Likely

– This is a high level of service that focuses on having snow cleared during a normal business day.

– MJR will use a combination of snow plowing and deicing/anti icing to achieve this.

– It can be generally expected that the property will be serviced at least once before and once during the business day.

– The goal is to have the lot as clear as possible during the business day, and bare and wet as soon as possible after a snow event.

– 50-90 salt services should be expected during a normal winter.

Level 3 – “Standard Industrial – Slippery Conditions Present or Imminent

– 1.0” plow trigger.

– Salt post-plow and salt only when less than 1.0”

– De-icing services will be triggered when slippery conditions exist

– 40-70 salt services should be expected during a normal winter

Level 4

– 1.5” plow trigger

– Plowed 1x per day at night.

– Post-plow salt only

Level 5

– 1.5” plow trigger

– Plowed 1x per day at night.

– No salt

Level 6

– On call

Snow Plowing Communication

– Client understands that during snow events, an MJR representative may not be immediately available to respond to phone calls or emails.

– Calls will be returned as soon as possible during.

Snow Plowing Damage Policy – Disclaimer of Liability

– Client recognizes that plowing requires dragging a steel blade across a paved surface and is not without risk.

– Client agrees that MJR Landscape is not liable for damage to paved or unpaved surfaces, manhole covers, curbs, sidewalks, drains, pipes, wires, cables, or anything else underground or above ground that is not clearly visible and clearly marked.

– If the client’s drive or lot is not paved or in poor repair, MJR is not responsible for stone, gravel, turf, asphalt, concrete, or mud that gets displaced.

– MJR is not liable for damage to driveways, sprinkler heads, curbs, turf, or sidewalks caused by snow plowing including rust marks.

– MJR will return in late March or early April to repair damage to turf made by plows.

Snow Plowing Service Limitations

– Client understands that snow plowing or salting/de-icing of a particular area may not clear the area to “bare pavement” and that slippery conditions may continue to prevail even after the snow plowing or salt application.

– Client understands that MJR assumes no liability for this naturally occurring condition.

– Client agrees to defend and hold harmless MJR for any and all trespasses or suits that may arise as a result.

Snow Plowing Payment Terms

– Contracts/Service Agreements auto-renew on expiration as one-year contracts unless written notice is provided by either party. – De-icing (salting) rates are subject to increase or decrease depending on market fluctuations and product availability.

– Terms on invoices are NET 15 – due within 15 days of the invoice date. Finance charges of 2% per month will be calculated on past-due balances. Service will be suspended on past-due accounts aging 30 days past the invoice date.

– Client understands and accepts that delays in payments may result in appropriate legal action. Client understands and agrees that costs of such legal action, including without limitation lawyer fees, costs, and expenses of suit or bringing suit, will be passed on to the client and client agrees to this condition.

– MJR reserves the right to attach a fuel surcharge to our accounts.

– Pre-payments are non-refundable

– Contracts can be cancelled by the Client with a 30-day written notice and payment of the remaining prorated balance due on the contract, including the minimum estimated number of deicing services listed on Client service agreement/contract.

Snow Plowing – Extreme Weather

– During times of extreme weather (blizzards, polar vortices, etc.) MJR may need to adjust how we operate to ensure crew safety. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Limiting deicing services if deicing will be ineffective due to temperature
  • Limiting shovel service, or limiting hours or times services are completed
  • MJR cannot list every scenario, but will make every effort to communicate any plans or adjustments if the situation arrives.

– During times of storm/blizzard (8” or more in 24 hour period), MJR reserves the right to service your property multiple times during the storm.

  • These will be counted as individual services.

– Additional equipment may be required to service these events and may be used at MJR’s sole discretion.

  • This includes but is not limited to: heavy equipment, snowblowers, and dump trucks.
  • This service is done at an additional charge to Client. ‘

Snow Plowing Disclaimer of Liability Provisions

In performing services to client pursuant to this contract, contractor shall not be responsible nor liable to client for damage to any underground or invisible equipment or items of any kind installed on, in or under client’s property, including, but not limited to, underground sprinkling systems, underground wires, underground cable, underground pipes, or any other items whether underground, at the ground surface or above ground that is not readily visible by contractor’s employees as they perform the ordinary services to be rendered pursuant to this contract. In the event any such equipment or items are not the property of the client, client shall save and hold contractor harmless from any claims made by the owners, thereof, as a result of any such damage. Any underground equipment or items properly installed at sufficient depths will most likely not be damaged; however, the above disclaimer of liability shall include damage to any such equipment or items, whether properly installed or not.


Snow Plowing Warning

The snowplowing, snow removal, salting and/or de-icing services (the Services) to be performed by MJR Landscape (Contractor) to you (Client) will remove sufficient snow and ice to cause the surfaces of client’s driveway, parking lot, and/or sidewalk (the Surface) to be usable and passable by vehicles, and where appropriate by pedestrians; however, because of the nature of snow and ice, Contractor’s equipment does not, and Contractor is not required to, remove all of the snow and ice from the Surface. The Surface in most cases will have, after the Services have been performed, a film or buildup of snow, and possible ice, on it which may leave the surface in a slippery and dangerous condition. Snow piles, mounds and ridges will be created as a result of the snow plowing Services. These piles, mounds and ridges will melt causing water runoffs that may freeze, resulting in slippery and dangerous conditions. The snow piles, mounds and ridges themselves may create dangerous, hazardous, and inconvenient conditions, as well as attractive nuisances. The Client, not the Contractor, is solely responsible to remove any dangerous, hazardous or inconvenient conditions and attractive nuisances created by such snow piles, mounds and ridges, such as, for example, hiring Contractor or another snowplowing service, to move, stack, or remove such snow piles, mounds and ridges.


Pesticide Risk/Benefit Information