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Commercial Lawn Care & Maintenance Services

Let us handle the upkeep of your commercial property while you focus on your business. Our team will keep your property in excellent condition through services like lawn care, landscape maintenance, snow removal, and pest control.

We serve businesses in Kentwood, Grand Rapids, Cascade, and surrounding areas. Learn more about our services below and give us a call to take the burden of property maintenance off your plate.

Well-maintained commercial property landscape

Professional Lawn Care Services for Your Business Space

A beautiful lawn makes positive first impression for any business, but it’s challenging to maintain a large property.

With MJR Landscape, we will keep your outdoor spacing looking sharp with extensive lawn care options. We handle everything from regular mowing to fertilization, weed control, aeration, overseeding, insect control, and much more.

To provide a consistent supply of nutrients that keeps your grass healthy and green, we apply our granular fertilization treatments six times throughout the year. However, this process works best if there are no weeds to leech off the precious fertilizer. That’s why we also fight off dandelions, knotweed, broadleaf plantain, clover, and more with our effective weed control treatments.

We understand the unique challenges and standards of commercial lawns. Our team is equipped with the latest tools and expertise to handle large-scale properties efficiently and effectively. We work closely with you to understand your needs and preferences, creating a customized lawn care plan that aligns with your business’s image and goals.

If you want to impress your clients and employees, you need the professional, reliable and friendly team at MJR Landscape. Our commercial lawn care services are available for properties in Kentwood, Grand Rapids, Cascade, and other surrounding areas.

Snow plow truck with Weed Hammer branding

Commercial Snow Removal

Winter weather shouldn’t slow down your business. Our professional snow removal service keeps your bank, hospital, industrial site, or other commercial property accessible and safe.

When the snow starts to pile up, our fleet of snow removal equipment and experienced operators are ready to respond. We understand the importance of quick action to prevent snow and ice accumulation that can pose hazards and disrupt business operations. Our services include plowing, shoveling, and applying ice melt to critical areas to ensure a safe, slip-free environment.

Our snow removal plan is tailored to your property’s specific needs. We work with you to identify key areas that require immediate attention during a snow event and establish clear priorities to minimize any interruption to your business.

Don’t wait until the last minute to create your snow removal plan. We are members of the Snow & Ice Management Association and ensure our team members are properly trained to remove snow and melt ice on your commercial property. Call MJR Landscape to get on our service schedule before availability runs out!

Snow Plowing Terms of Service.

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Ready to elevate the appearance and safety of your commercial property? Contact MJR Landscape now and discover the ease and efficiency of our commercial services. From immaculate lawn care to reliable snow removal and effective pest control, we’ve got your needs covered. Let us help you create a welcoming, professional environment for your business.